Establishment of SMK Negeri 1 Bandung initiated since 1943, at that time the government of trying to accommodate the wishes of Bandung municipality and the community spirit of Bandung to educate the cadres in the field of economy. So established trade school Secondary (SPM). However, immature SPM graduates, it is because of the outbreak of the Revolution Date August 17, 1945.

In 1949, under the leadership of Mr. Butler and Yemen Sudjana school students SPM School pioneered the establishment of economic / trade in Bandung. At the beginning of its establishment, appropriate government regulations at that time, economic school / trade school consists of two levels. The first level is called the level of the primary junior high and high school level to the two so-called secundair.

In 1950, according to the government's decision at that time the primary level was changed to the First School of Economics (SMEP) and converted to level secundair Upper Secondary School of Economics (SMEA).

The primary school and the early establishment occupies a building owned by SD secundair Kebun Kelapa and learning process held the afternoon, because the morning is used by the elementary school. Two months later occupied building located at Jalan Trunojoyo, it also still early days in the process of teaching and learning. The assistance PGRI West Java in the mid tahun1949 occupies most of the Lyceum building complex is now in use by SMAK and SMA Negeri 1 Bandung. 1950 after the Dutch school is closed and simultaneously turn of the economy school name / trade became SMEP and SMEA occupy the building in Jalan Wastukancana 3 Bandung until now

In development SMEA 1 Bandung last name from year to year until the government's decision on the 1997, then the name was changed to SMEA Vocational High School 1 Bandung (Bandung SMK 1).


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